Join the Fight Against Breast Cancer

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

This month is a time to gather information, share your stories, and show support for those affected by the disease. In honor of the 1.38 million new cases annually, and in memory of the 458,000 deaths each year, we’re encouraging people everywhere raise awareness about breast cancer in October.

Show Support

We hear the word “awareness” a lot, but how can we effectively raise awareness?

Here’s how:

  • Talk about the signs, symptoms, and facts about breast cancer with friends and family
  • Remind the women in your life about self-breast exams and medical screening
  • Schedule your annual mammogram or ask your doctor when you should get one
  • Donate to a breast cancer organization of your choice
  • Raise money by crowdfunding or fundraising

With more than three million women in the U.S. currently living with breast cancer, the last bullet point holds weigh because it’s essential to finding a cure for the disease. Raising money is not only helpful because it gets the community involved, but also because money is the driving force behind breast cancer research.

Make an Impact

Here are six fun and effective ways to fundraise for breast cancer:

1. Have a Bake Sale

Sell sweet treats at school or work to raise money. Everyone can contribute by baking their favorite pink-themed cupcakes, cookies, brownies, cakes, and more.

2. Host a “Real Men Wear Pink” car wash

Ask the men in your community to show support by volunteering to wash cars while decked out in pink clothing. Get creative with advertising for it around town and accept donations in addition to the fixed car-wash price.

3. Go Bowling for breast cancer

Plan a local bowling night where participants pay a small fee to play. Ask the losing team to donate a little extra at the end of the night. Bonus points if players wear pink!

4. Organize a walkathon

Get the town moving to raise awareness and plan a walkathon. Encourage participants to dress in pink and hand out pink ribbons and pink lemonade at the finish line.

5. Hold a garage sale

Have a block-party garage sale and sell the items you and your neighbors don’t want or need anymore. Put up signs around your local neighborhoods promoting a “Go Pink Garage Sale,” for breast cancer.

6. Coordinate a silent auction 

Ask local businesses to donate prizes and services to support breast cancer awareness. Organize a silent auction where community members can mingle and bid on auction items for a good cause.

The Colony ER Hospital encourages everyone to get involved somehow, no matter how big or small, for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Any amount of time, money, or energy dedicated to the cause can help make a difference.

During October, and throughout the year, our thoughts are with the women and families in our community affected by breast cancer.

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