What is a Micro-Hospital?

  • Micro-hospitals are small-scale, inpatient facilities with two to fifteen short-stay beds.
  • Micro-hospitals perform many of the same acute-care and emergency services performed at larger hospitals but are often much cheaper than a larger facility.

Are you licensed by the State of Texas?

  • Yes, The Colony ER Hospital is licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services and operates independently.

What are your hours of operation?

  • As a licensed hospital in the State of Texas, we are obligated to be open 24/7.

What kind of physicians can I expect to have care for me?

  • The Colony ER Hospital only uses Board Certified physicians to care for its patients. All physicians must be accredited according to their board specialty.
  • We are prepared to care for you and your family whether it be an emergency room physician, hospitalist or another specialist.

What services does your facility offer?

  • Just like any hospital, we treat all emergencies in our specialized emergency department.
  • We also can provide outpatient observations up to twenty-four (24) hours and admissions of adults even longer when necessary.
  • We also offer outpatient laboratory testing, radiological studies, echocardiograms, stress testing, PICC line placement with care, in addition to dietary consultations.

Do you offer an Intensive Care Unit, Labor and Delivery or an Operating Room?

  • Unfortunately, as a micro-hospital our size is limited and therefore, we do not currently offer intensive care units, labor and delivery suites or operating rooms at this time.

Can you treat all ages of patients?

  • Yes, we are capable of treating all age of patients who present to the emergency department. If a client needs admission but is pediatric, we rapidly arrange for a transfer to a pediatric specialized center of excellence, to ensure the most appropriate care is provided.

Do you have a diagnostic lab onsite?

  • Yes, our diagnostic lab is both CLIA and COLA certified. While we offer a wide array of onsite laboratory testing.
  • The Colony ER Hospital has the ability to send out samples to an external reference lab to perform cultures and specialty testing.

What radiological services do you offer?

  • The Colony ER Hospital offers X-ray, CT, and Ultrasound capabilities at our facility.
  • The Colony ER Hospital contracts with a third-party organization to ensure an experienced board-certified radiologist reads our radiological studies immediately.
  • The Colony ER Hospital will also provide you with a CD of your images, ready by the time you leave our facility.

What are the documentation required for outpatient services?

  • The following documentation is required for hospital outpatient services to be rendered. 1. Documentation that supports medical necessity of the outpatient service (e.g. physician's office visit note, or progress note, etc.) 2. A signed and dated physician's order for the outpatient service.

What insurance do you take?

  • We accept all private commercial insurance plans. The Colony ER Hospital will honor all insurance in-network benefits for our emergent patients regardless of whether we are in or out of network. We do not balance bill our patients. Unfortunately, we are not recognized by Medicare, Medicaid, or CHIP at this time.
  • For outpatients, with a referral from your physician we can pre-certify your procedure before you arrive.

What types of payment do you take for self-pay patients?

  • We accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.
  • We cannot currently accept CareCredit® at this time.

What if I have trouble with my insurance company?

  • State law requires patients to be reimbursed for any emergency room visits by their insurance carrier. If your insurance company refuses payment for your emergency room visit, you can file a grievance with the Texas Department of Insurance.
  • To learn more about the Texas Department of Insurance, please visit http://www.tdi.state.tx.us. You can also contact our Billing Department, Tyvan Billing, at (713) 357-2535.

Center for Improvement in Healthcare Quality (CIHQ)

  • Because The Colony ER is accredited by the Center for Improvement in Healthcare Quality (CIHQ) you have the right to submit a complaint regarding the quality of care or safety issues to CIHQ. You are not required to notify CHI Memorial prior to filing the complaint. Information on how to contact CIHQ to file a complaint is as follows:Online
    Center for Improvement in Healthcare Quality
    P.O. Box 3620
    McKinney, TX 75070
    Attn: Chief Executive OfficerPhone


    In-Person by Appointment:
    Contact the Executive Director of CIHQ at 512-661-2813 for instructions.