Billing & Insurance

Thank you for choosing The Colony ER Hospital for your emergency medical care. We understand that some patients may find the billing process confusing or overwhelming. To better serve you, we want to make the billing process simple and transparent. Your bill may be different from other medical bills you may have received from hospitals or physicians.
*It’s important to note that The Colony ER Hospital is an emergency specialty medical center.

A message to our patients struggling financially during COVID-19:

At The Colony ER Hospital, we understand the tough position COVID-19 has put many people and families in. We don’t want financial hardships to stop you from getting the medical care you need. Patients who receive care during the COVID-19 pandemic may be eligible to have their medical bill waived. Each situation will be reviewed on a case by case basis, but we encourage you to seek medical help if needed, no matter what your financial situation may currently be. If you have any questions, give us a call at 214-469-2500. We are all in this together.”


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At any point, if you would like to speak to our Billing Department, please call Tyvan Billing at 713-357-2535.