COVID-19 Myths vs. Facts

By jsmith | April 28, 2020

New information about COVID-19 is released daily. And with social media, anyone has a platform to share news, whether it is true or not. It can be overwhelming to try to filter through everything that’s out there. That’s why we’re taking a look at a few popular COVID-19 theories circulating the internet and seeing what’s […]

The Colony Spotlight

By NutexMarketing | January 22, 2019

In this episode of The Colony Spotlight Richard talks to Dr. Robert Holland and Krista Ryan (Director of Food and Clinical Nutrition) of The Colony ER Hospital The Colony ER Hospital is a boutique medical facility that offers inpatient care, outpatient imaging and laboratory services for adults and children. Whether visiting us for a medical emergency […]

Jacksonville Magazine Feature

By NutexMarketing | December 13, 2018

Our very own Dr. Marco Coppola was interviewed recently, by Jacksonville Magazine about fighting this year’s flu season. Dr. Coppola discussed how this year’s flu is different from past years and to combat it.  You can read the full version of the magazine here!

Reader’s Digest: Vertigo Interview

By NutexMarketing | December 13, 2018

Reader’s Digest recently published an article all about vertigo. Our very own Dr. Derek Bennetsen joined in the conversation with some helpful information about vertigo. Read it here!