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Archive for December 2018

Holiday Alcohol Safety

With New Year’s on the way and holiday parties abound, it is the time of year when champagne toasts and festive cocktails are everywhere. As people all over the country treat themselves to a little extra celebration, though, there is an increased risk of danger. Intoxication brings health risks, possible injuries and, worse of all,…

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Home Eye Safety for Kids

Parents often warn their children not to play with certain objects or run too fast or else “you’ll poke your eye out!” It is something everyone has grown up hearing, but as we make sure our own kids learn how to play responsibly, parents might find themselves repeating this phrase more and more often. To…

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The 2018-2019 Flu Season Overview

After last year’s severe flu season, many families are worried about what the holiday season might bring. Just like every year, doctors and researchers at the CDC have been hard at work studying the virus and how it is mutating this year to keep families everywhere prepared for the flu season. With this in mind, The Colony…

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Jacksonville Magazine Feature

Our very own Dr. Marco Coppola was interviewed recently, by Jacksonville Magazine about fighting this year’s flu season. Dr. Coppola discussed how this year’s flu is different from past years and to combat it.  You can read the full version of the magazine here!

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Reader’s Digest: Vertigo Interview

Reader’s Digest recently published an article all about vertigo. Our very own Dr. Derek Bennetsen joined in the conversation with some helpful information about vertigo. Read it here!

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