What You Need to Know About Freestanding Facilities

With a name like ‘Freestanding ER’ and ‘ER Hospital’ it can be easy for people to get confused about what exactly these facilities are. What kind of medical services are offered? What do I bring with me when I come in? What about my insurance?

All of these questions can seem overwhelming, but the answers are actually quite simple. In short, ER hospitals are just like a traditional hospital, but they specialize in emergency room care, and provide emergent medical services to their patients.

Let’s go in depth and see the details about some of the common questions that we get at The Colony ER Hospital.

What can you treat?

This is one of the most common questions we get at The Colony ER Hospital, because sometimes ’emergency care’ can be hard to define. You might ask: “How do I know if I’m in a medical emergency?”

Luckily, The Colony ER Hospital can treat any medical condition that you would go to a larger hospital ER for. Flu, strep throat, broken bones, heart attack, and stroke are some examples of medical conditions we see at The Colony ER Hospital. With on-site imaging and laboratory, we can diagnose and treat patients quickly.

Sometimes, when you’re in pain or feeling unwell, you might not know exactly what is wrong. In that case, you might not know if you need emergency care. The Colony ER Hospital offers free basic medical screenings for all patients, so you can find out what is ailing you before you commit to a treatment plan. You might go in thinking that you’re coming down with the flu, only to find out you have a common cold. But we often have patients who are feeling ill, and our medical screenings have discovered serious medical conditions.

Who can you treat?

So, you and your whole family have this year’s flu? Not to worry, we treat patients of all ages, including infants! The Colony ER Hospital is a fully-equipped emergency hospital, complete with a pediatric care room and doctors who are board-certified and see all ages.

The only family member we can’t treat is the family pet.

What should I bring with me?

You don’t need to bring much to The Colony ER Hospital. We advise all patients to bring a picture ID, insurance card, and information about any medications they might be taking. Given our minimal wait time (only about 5 minutes), you won’t even need to bring a good book.

What was that about insurance?

This is perhaps the most important question of all. Insurance!

The Colony ER Hospital accepts all major commercial insurance plans, and will honor all in-network rates for medical emergencies. We also understand that navigating bills, co-pays, and various insurance rates can be difficult for many of our patients. That is why we’re partnered with Tyvan Billing Inc. and their dedicated patient advocate team to make sure that you understand the items on your bill.

We’re also happy offer all of our patients flexible payment options.

But more on that bill… How does it work?

We know that the medical billing process can be confusing. However, at The Colony ER Hospital, we are trying to simplify the process for our patients.

All of our patients will receive two bills. One is a facility bill, which charges for the cost of any medical supplies and medicines we utilized while treating you, as well as the general cost for facility maintenance. Your second bill is the bill for our doctor, to pay them for their treatment plans and diagnostic efforts.

If you receive a long, itemized list of medical services and costs from your insurance provider, then you might not be looking at a bill, but instead reading an EOB.

What’s an EOB?                          

EOB stands for Explanation of Benefits, and sometimes when these get delivered, they can look like expensive medical bills. But they’re not! An EOB is not a bill.

An EOB, instead, shows a patient all of the treatments they received during their visit. If you have a broken arm, your EOB might list X-ray costs along with the costs for pain medication and resources to mold your cast, but it is not charging you for these medical needs. What the EOB doesn’t show is what your insurance provider might cover, or some of the price adjustments that come with in-network benefits and co-pays.

That all sounds great! …So when can I come in?

The Colony ER Hospital is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! No exceptions!

That means that we’re open on holidays, big or small, and we will always have a board-certified doctor ready to help you and your family with their medical needs.