After an injury, many people do not know what to expect. They might imagine jumping back into their usual hobbies and activities or worry too much about getting hurt again. After broken bones, surgery, and severe musculature damage, patients will often be recommended physical therapy to help them recover. But how do you know if you really need physical therapy? How do you know what you’re done?

The Colony ER Hospital wants to shed some light on the mysterious subject of physical therapy. We want all of our patients to know what PT is and how it can help you get back to your favorite activities and best health.

What is PT?

Physical Therapy, of PT for short, is on-going treatment and physical exercises that helps patients recover from severe injuries and physical conditions. Sometimes PT might only last a week or two after you get a cast removed. Other times, for people recovery from surgery or serious accidents, PT might last for months or even years. Other patients, still, attend PT regularly for most of their lives, such as patients who combat disorders like Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, and other conditions which can affect mobility.

Physical therapists are the licensed professionals who work with physicians and patients to diagnose and treat physical limitations that can be aided with PT. These medical professionals are where patients can receive comprehensive, compassionate care which can help them top recover from injuries or conditions, prevent future injuries, and combat the long-lasting effects of neurological disabilities.

How do I know if I need PT?

For many physical therapy patients, knowing when you need PT is simple. If your movement is impaired after an injury of severe illness, then you might need physical therapy to help you regain your mobility. If you have long-term disorders or conditions which will affect your flexibility and movement, then you will also want to look into physical therapy options.

For some, though, it can be harder to tell. If your child broke their arm playing and is just as energetic as always after getting out of their cast, do they need PT? If you had to be on bedrest for a medical condition for a few weeks and feel stiff after you are well, do you need PT? Even new mothers who are recovering from labor, do they need PT?

For all of these scenarios, PT might be a wise choice. Physical therapy can help patients regain flexibility in damaged joints, build muscle mass in atrophied limbs, and help bodies heal in a healthy way after physical traumas or surgeries. If you feel limited by your mobility in the result of a medical condition or injury, then talk with your doctor about physical therapy as a treatment option.

Where can I go for PT?

Physical therapists are everywhere, sometimes they operate as private establishments or sometimes they are connected to doctor’s offices or hospitals. Where you find the right therapist is up to you and your PT needs. Consulting with your doctor about what kind of PT to seek and where to find reliable therapists is very important.

If you or a loved one needs help with injuries or medical emergencies, The Colony ER Hospital is open 24/7 with concierge-level care for patients of all ages. We can treat emergency conditions, and if physical therapy is something you think you may need after a serious injury, our board-certified doctors will help you find the right place.

This blog is written by Maggie Berardo, content writer at Nutex Health.

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