The 2018-2019 Flu Season Overview

By mflores | December 13, 2018

After last year’s severe flu season, many families are worried about what the holiday season might bring. Just like every year, doctors and researchers at the CDC have been hard at work studying the virus and how it is mutating this year to keep families everywhere prepared for the flu season. With this in mind, The Colony…

Jacksonville Magazine Feature

By mflores | December 13, 2018

Our very own Dr. Marco Coppola was interviewed recently, by Jacksonville Magazine about fighting this year’s flu season. Dr. Coppola discussed how this year’s flu is different from past years and to combat it.  You can read the full version of the magazine here!

Reader’s Digest: Vertigo Interview

By mflores | December 13, 2018

Reader’s Digest recently published an article all about vertigo. Our very own Dr. Derek Bennetsen joined in the conversation with some helpful information about vertigo. Read it here!

Physical Therapy Awareness

By mflores | October 18, 2018

After an injury, many people do not know what to expect. They might imagine jumping back into their usual hobbies and activities or worry too much about getting hurt again. After broken bones, surgery, and severe musculature damage, patients will often be recommended physical therapy to help them recover. But how do you know if…

Symptoms of TBI

By mflores | October 13, 2018

Growing up, we’ve all been in situations where we bonked our heads. Maybe you tripped playing tag or had a rowdy pillow fight with friends. Maybe you even played sports and get knocked with a ball a few times or had something fall on you while you were helping with house repairs. Over the course…

Food Health & Safety Month

By mflores | September 7, 2018

No matter if we are preparing a family dinner on a Friday night or grabbing a quick lunch to-go during work, food is one of the pillars of our day. From busy parents to kids in school, a healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner are cornerstones to good health. But do you know if you are…

World Hepatitis Day

By mflores | July 24, 2018

When children are getting vaccines, some people might hear the name ‘Hepatitis’ and wonder what exactly it is. The condition ranges from Hepatitis A to Hepatitis E, and that can make it hard for some patients to understand. You might wonder what the differences are between so many kinds of Hepatitis and which ones you…

Youth Sports Week

By mflores | July 13, 2018

As the new school year approaches, many kids are looking forward to school sports or starting to play in local recreational leagues. As parents, we all want our children to get excited about group sports, as it can promote a healthy lifestyle and help our kids make new friends. Youth sports, though, can be far…

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

By mflores | June 14, 2018

At some point in their lives, many people go through difficult moments. It can be going to war, a major car accident, an abusive relationship, or sexual trauma. Living through a traumatic event means that you will experience stress related to the event after it is over, even while you are healing from it. It…

Signs of a Stroke

By mflores | May 9, 2018

Whenever we hear about someone having a stroke, it is always a frightening story. There are usually serious health conditions in the aftermath and strokes themselves can be life threatening. But what exactly is a stroke? How do you know if one is happening to someone you love? Being able to identify a stroke as…