Keeping Kids Pool Safe

New parents everywhere are wondering this summer: is it safe to bring their little ones to the pool? If you have an infant or toddler, you probably want them to have fun in the water with their family or friends, but when your child doesn’t know how to swim, you might be wondering if it is safe to involve your child in aquatic activities. The Colony ER Hospital is here to help assuage your fears.

Bringing your young children to the pool is perfectly safe, as long as you engage in the right safety measures.

Professional Lifeguards

Whether you’re going to the community pool, the local lake, or even taking a trip to the beach, never enter the water unless there is certified lifeguard on duty. This is a rule that both adults and children should observe, but when parents are bringing their children to the water for the first time, they need to be especially careful. To help ensure your child’s safety, talk with the lifeguard who is on duty. Introduce yourself and make sure they know that you have a very young child with you. There might be designated areas for toddlers and infants that the lifeguard can show you, or certain rules they will want you to obey. At the very least, it is always good to make sure that the lifeguard knows a small child in the water so that they can keep a sharp eye out for their safety.

Pool Floaties

From innertubes to water wings, floaties can be a great asset for children still getting familiar with the water. When you’re introducing infants to a pool, it is a good idea to invest in a tube-floater for babies. There are many kinds, from harnesses to hammock0style seats, to even those with sun canopies, but they all keep an infant safely suspended in water so that they can’t slip or sink.

For toddlers and young children, water wing style floaties are a good option, they will help to keep children’s heads lifted above the water. Today, there are many different options for these kinds of floaties, including special swimsuit vests that have inflatable wings attached. Things like pool noodles and small, inflatable toys can also be a good thing to bring to the pool. They encourage playtime and get children excited, but they also add buoyancy so that they can stay safely afloat while they have a good time in the pool.

No matter how many floating and inflatable toys your have with you in the pool, though, all children and infants require constant supervision in the water. Get engaged, play with them in the water and make sure that kids new to the water are acclimating well. Keep them in the shallow end of the pool, and if there is a special wading pool for toddlers and babies, that is a very good place to let very young children play.

Swimming Lessons

While you can bring your children to a community pool if they don’t know how to swim yet, it is highly encouraged that all kids getting in the water have lessons beforehand. Swimming doesn’t just teach your children how to move effectively in the water, it teaches them how to float and be comfortable in the water. Getting lessons or water activity classes early are a good technique to help them not only get excited for the water, but also respect the rules of the pool.

Check your local community center or YMCA for swim classes and schedules. There are classes you can find which are for infants, and making babies comfortable with water, as well as many swimming classes for toddlers and young children. Getting your children engaged with swimming lessons early is one of the best ways to keep them safe in the water.

Whether you’re going to the pool or the beach, it is very important to keep your children safe this summer. Young children don’t have the same swimming strength, but they can still have a great time in the water with the family. As long as you have professional supervision, the right swim equipment, and invest in getting your children comfortable with the water early, their first summer vacation can be extra special.

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This blog is written by Maggie Berardo, content writer at Nutex Health.

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