How The Colony ER Is Working Towards Ending the Emergency Care Crisis

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April 25, 2017
How The Colony ER Is Working Towards Ending the Emergency Care Crisis
In the past decade, emergency rooms have closed down at an alarming rate, even as the need for them increased and continues to increase today.


The emergency care crisis can be attributed to a number of factors, which we’re going to discuss today. At The Colony ER, we encourage our community to research all their medical care options and to learn more about why emergency healthcare has become so inaccessible. Keep reading to learn some of the reasons there’s an emergency healthcare crisis and how our facility is working towards ending this problem, starting at home.

Closing of Hospital Based Emergency Departments

Over the past decade, emergency rooms in hospitals have closed down at alarming rates. This can be broken down to a few factors, like profitability and competition in cramped, urban areas. But even if the closest emergency room to you isn’t shut down, that doesn’t mean you’ve escaped the emergency care crisis. Your ER will now bear the patient load from neighboring communities who have fewer options for emergency care. Freestanding emergency centers, like The Colony ER, are providing emergency medical care to those who would otherwise have to drive at least thirty minutes or more to their nearest emergency department. This can be the difference between life and death from a serious injury or illness.

Inefficient Planning & Building

When building a hospital, profitability and location are often the most important factors considered. This often means that urban, high population and higher income areas have more options for their emergency care. Suburban and especially rural, or less densely-populated areas, don’t have the same conveniences.

Those who live in rural areas where the nearest emergency department is 30 minutes or more away are more likely to suffer serious effects after an emergency, or even die. Freestanding emergency facilities, like The Colony ER, are trying to fix this issue by building in communities where there is a genuine need for emergency care, not necessarily where it’s most profitable.

So what are we doing to help solve this crisis?

The Colony ER is staffed by physicians, nurses and support staff from this community. It started with a simple mission – to provide fast, compassionate and individualized care by dedicated professionals. Our freestanding model means you’re often seen, treated and sent on your way home in 30 minutes or less. We chose our location based on need in the community, unlike traditional emergency departments. Our resources are specifically allocated and our physicians have only one priority, which isn’t always the case at traditional hospitals.

Want to learn more about the emergency care crisis from our corporate partners? Check out this link.

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