With New Year’s on the way and holiday parties abound, it is the time of year when champagne toasts and festive cocktails are everywhere. As people all over the country treat themselves to a little extra celebration, though, there is an increased risk of danger. Intoxication brings health risks, possible injuries and, worse of all, car accidents.

The Colony ER Hospital wants to talk about the dangers of drunk driving and how you can stay safe this holiday season. Even if you or a loved one has a bit too much to drink, there are safe ways to get home and keep the roads clear of impaired drivers.

Drinking Responsibly

The best way to lower your risks of alcohol related accidents is to make sure you don’t drink too much. As much fun as it is to celebrate with friends and family, it is important to keep an eye on your tolerance levels. Use some of these basic tips to stay in control at parties:

  • Never mix alcohol: mixing types of alcohol can make it harder for your body to digest and process it. While some people can get away with mixing a cocktail and some wine, it is safer to stick to one kind of drink throughout the night.
  • Drink water: Many people underestimate how important hydration is when they’re drinking, but water helps your body to not only digest alcohol in a more controlled way, but also helps you to recover from any hangover effects. Water makes it easier for your liver to process alcohol and keeps your body well prepared to bounce back when you’ve had a bit too much.
  • Eat Well: water isn’t the only thing which can help your body to absorb and process alcohol. Food is just an important, as drinking on an empty stomach can overwhelm your liver with too much alcohol at once. Make sure you get to snack throughout the evening while you drink and have a nutritious meal beforehand.

Keeping a close eye on how much you drink is important when staying safe during the holidays. Even when you’re with friends and family, it can be easy to lose track of how much is too much. If you’re hosting a holiday party, then you will want to be considerate and mindful of your guests and help them to stay sober throughout the night.

Drive Responsibly

Even for those who stay sober at every party, there is a risk when it comes to driving at night around Christmas and New Year’s. You might have been responsible with your drinking, but other drivers may not have, and they can become a risk to not only themselves, but you, your passengers, and even pedestrians. Car accidents involving alcohol can cause harm to lots of people, and the best way to lower these risks of serious automotive injuries is to limit how many people are on the roads. The fewer cars are out, the fewer accidents will occur. So work together with your friends and family to…

  • Arrange carpools to group events
  • Call Uber, Lift, or other ride-sharing services to help get anyone home who might be unable to drive
  • Assign designated drivers for large groups to ensure everyone gets home safely
  • Set up spare beds and couches to help friends and family rest or sleep over if they need to

Though there are many special folk remedies that are supposed to ‘cure’ a hangover instantly, none of these rituals ever really work. There is no medical cure for intoxication except for proper time and hydration. This means that sometimes, it takes waiting and resting properly for your body to metabolize alcohol and sober you up. So, in the event that you or someone you love has had too much at a party, then be a good friend and don’t let them drive home. Offer them a place to sleep safely or help them get home safely.

Limiting how many drivers, especially drivers who might be impaired, are on the road is the key to lowering the rate of holiday car accidents.

Walking and Biking Safely

Drivers aren’t the only ones at risk for DUI accidents. Pedestrians and bikers can also get hurt, which makes it important for everyone to be on the lookout. Even if you are walking or biking a short distance one evening on a holiday, you need to be careful and watch the cars around your neighborhood.

It is important to bring reflective clothing and a flashlight with you when you’re walking to and from any holiday parties. Having a reflective vest you can slip on and off over your jacket will make it easy to be seen and still be stylish for your parties. Carrying a small flashlight is also helpful to make sure you don’t trip on anything in the sidewalk, as well as help you to stay visible to drivers passing by.

It is also a good idea not to walk or bike alone. On dark, chilly nights, it will make you easier to see if you’re walking with someone else, or even a small group.

The Colony ER Hospital knows that New Year’s Eve can be fun and festive for everyone, but we encourage all of our families to make sure they celebrate the right way. With responsible drinking, responsible driving, and staying safe on the streets, no matter how you choose to get to your parties, everyone can lower their neighborhood’s risk of drunk driving accidents. In the event of any holiday accidents, though, our facility is open 24/7, even on Christmas and New Year’s, with concierge-level care for all ages.

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