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It’s almost Father’s Day, which means that many families are thinking about the most important men in their lives. Fathers, grandfathers, brothers, sons, and even close friends can all be people that we care about every day. While thinking about their happiness, it is also important to think about their health.

June is Men’s Health Awareness Month, which brings to light many of the health risks that men face today. To make sure you and your family are informed about these risks, The Colony ER Hospital wanted to break down 4 of the top health risks that men face.

1. Heart Disease

Heart disease refers to any complications with the heart, from structural disorders to blood clots. All of these conditions can cause heart attacks and even become contributing factors to strokes and other serious health conditions. Any number of genetic and behavioral factors can become a risk, but for men, the risk begins sooner.

According to a study published by the American Heart Association, men are twice as likely as women to experience a heart attack at age 45. It is important for all men to keep this in mind and try to maintain a healthy lifestyle early in life. Regular exercise and a good diet are ways to keep heart disease at bay and lower the risks of having a heart attack.

2. Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is a health risk unique to men, and it is the second most common cancer for men. Luckily, prostate cancer has a low fatality rate, meaning that it is not as deadly as other cancers, like lung or colon cancer. But it can still cause health complications, and it is a good idea to talk with your doctor about getting blood tests or screenings.

Usually, talking with your physician is the best way to monitor risks of prostate cancer. If you have a family history of it, then you will want to look into getting checked early, and talk with an oncologist about any preventative measures you can take.

3. Depression & Suicide

This is a condition that can be hard to see. There aren’t always warning signs or symptoms, and sometimes there isn’t even a direct cause. Depression is a psychological condition that affects many people every year. It is much more than just a bad day or feeling the blues. Depression is a serious mental condition that can impact your physical health, as well as your mental.

There are many reasons why depression might affect men more than women, but recent studies have shown that men are more likely to hide depression, which means their depression can often get worse. If you feel depressed, or you can recognize signs of depression in a man who is important in your life, then reach out. Help is available, and no patient with depression is alone.

One of the best ways to help this trend of depression in men is to encourage open communication and emotional connection with one another. When someone feels comfortable and can open up, they will be able to accept help and make a difference in their mental well-being.  If you or a loved one needs help, reach out. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline website has resources to help you find a professional therapist in your area, and the hotline is open 24/7 at 1-800-273-8255.

4. Age-Related Weight Gain

As we all get older, our metabolism begins to slow down. This means that even if you live a healthy lifestyle, you might start to see some extra weight develop around your belly as you get into your middle-age. This is a natural process, but one that requires an extra effort to manage. Nutritionist Carolyn Brown, RD, estimates that the average person’s metabolic rate decreases by 1% per year after the age of 30. This means that if you were getting by just fine on pizza and donuts in your 20’s, you need to make a change that will accommodate your body’s lower metabolic rate. Be conscientious of what you eat, and how much your exercise so that you can adjust these factors in the future and keep yourself in good shape.


This month take a look at the men in your life. Appreciate all that they do for your family, but remember how important health can be for them, and make sure you know your risk factors. The Colony ER Hospital is here for all emergency medical situations, including heart attacks, and our concierge-level care is available 24/7. Even on Father’s Day!

This blog is written by Maggie Berardo, content writer at Nutex Health.

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